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Whether you are a non-profit or an ecommerce site, your business is only as good as the website presented to the perspective buyer or client.

More often than not, your website is the first place people now look for information about what you do. Your website needs to express how are your business or non-profit is going to become only real solution for your customers needs.

Think about it. Do you use a phone book much anymore? And did it help you get a car repaired or your furnace fixed based solely on the ad in the yellow pages? If the yellow page ad had any worth all, it would have a website address in the ad somewhere and further research of your business was done by looking at your website as to whether or not that potential customer wanted to do business with you. 

Websites at one time were really only extensions to an existing print ad. Website evolution has come a long way from being that glorified yellow page ad.
Your clients demand the content on your website is accurate and updated on a regular basis.
Without constant monitoring your site could be inaccurate and cost you money.

Our sites have two major components at their core --- simple easy to follow navigation and ease to update important information on the webiste and keep it current: period.

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